RESTORATION A700 Series - 1950's 

Full Restoration for A700/B/D  - A706/D 

Our Full  Restoration Service and Repair includes

*Complete strip, degrease.

*Full mechanical clean.

*Gearbox grease renewal, Motor components*  ( *replaced: if faulty ) and new motor carbon brushes.

*New power flex with moulding plug of 3 amp fuse.

*New Decal Logo

*Rubber feets

*Food safe grease to Planetary Hub.

*Premium EP2 Grease on Gearbox.

*Powder Coat White and Cream Glossy effect

*We do not replace gears if they are in good condition.

*10 month warranty* and 12 month safety PATest.

*Does not include broken or missing parts

*Gearbox are not included on the Warranty 

*Solid Colours  £ 30.00  Subjet to Stock


£ 540.00 + £ 25.00 Delivery one way

Timescale between 5- 10 Weeks

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*Terms and Conditions of Service


Components and parts used on our repairs are Approved by Kenwood Manufacturing Co. Limited