KENWOOD A901-A902 -A907/D 


We Repair your existing British Motor with New technology components,

This service also includes: 

*New rubber feet

*Re-fill new Grease or replace if broken down/hard

*Standard clean+

*New power flex with moulding plug++

*Food safe grease to planetary hub. 

Repair work is included, you just pay for any parts required.

6 month warranty* and 12 month safety PATest.

Does not include broken or missing parts


 £ 99.00 +  £ 25.00 Delivery one way

Timescale between 5-10 days


Standard  Service + Motor Upgrade -    

A brand new powerful Upgrade Motor with pulse action and folding with the latest technology.

(Full electronic speed control).

This is a complete replacement of the motor, speed control knob and full electrical system.

Your mixer will be upgraded and Serviced at the same time, with all Service sundries included.

*New rubber feet

*Re-fill new grease Premium EP2 or replace if broken down/hard

*Standard clean, new power flex with moulding plug and white standard control knob.( your old control knob is replaced )

*Food Safe Grease Planetary hub.  Repair work is included, you just pay for any parts required.

*Standard Clean included - for Full mechanical Clean- Please enquiry

*New High Tech Motor with Ball Bearing


 £ 179.00 + £ 25.00 Delivery one way 

Timescale between 5-10 days

What to do Next ?   Contact us


+Standard Clean includes - for Full mechanical Clean- extra charges incur £ 10.00

++On certain models 

+++Gearbox repair are not included on the warranty 



*Terms and Conditions of Service

Components and parts used on our repairs are Approved by Kenwood Manufacturing Co. Limited